Join us in building the future of ministry.

Our Mission

At Orange we influence those who influence the faith and future of the next generation.

Who we are

We’re an innovative collective of creatives and leaders working together to achieve our mission.

How We Work

At Orange, we will continually create a culture in which we . . .


Grow Personally


Choose Trust


Collaborate Intentionally


Advocate for Diversity


Inspire Remarkable Solutions


Innovate Relentlessly


Champion Generosity

"With a focus on family strategy and leadership development, Orange comes alongside every church to help ministry leaders make better families."
Sherry Surratt
"Energy. Creativity. Community.  These three things harnessed by teams of people with a variety of skills all around you each day, all working toward the same significant purpose.  That’s what it feels like to work at Orange."
Sue Miller
"Orange tapped into my creativity, increased my ability to see from other perspectives, and created a work environment that fostered a sense of camaraderie."
Sarah Bragg

Open Positions

Director of Accounting

The Director of Accounting oversees the day to day financial process.

Perks & Benefits

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